Kalon  Farm, located just a few miles south of the New Hampshire state  line, is an integrated small farm that raises and sells grass fed beef,  lamb and pork. We have cage-free fresh eggs, seasonal  garden vegetables and berries.   We use all natural, antibiotic-free feed for chickens  and pigs. Our cattle and sheep are grass based and fed hay/grass (No  Grain). We avoid the use of any type of insecticide, herbicide or fungicide  on our gardens and pastures. We rely on crop rotation, on-site composting,  cover cropping and rotational grazing to build soil health.  We do not use any growth hormones or antibiotics.  Heritage breed cattle and sheep have a natural resistance to many of  the problems large feed lot animals have. Salt, minerals, and kelp  supplements are provided free choice.  We mainly sell our items here at the farm. We do  take deposits and advanced orders. Many items do sell out fast so first come first  serve unless you pre-order   kalon-farm@homegrowncow.com. 

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eritage Breeds have a natural resistance to many of the problems feed lot animals have. Grass based holistic management style eliminates the need for any chemicals and fertilizers. Meats from Heritage Breeds that include , Devon Cattle , Icelandic Sheep , Tamworth Swine. Humane low stress , Fresh Water , Free Choice minerals , Grass Fed , Pasture Raised. No hormones , Antibiotics or steroids. Free Choice minerals and kelp along with fresh water provide optimum health and stress free herd and flock

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